About Us

What is the Scripture Library?

The Scripture Library is a teaching ministry that aims to help Christians understand the Bible with the help of digital art and illustrations.

This ministry’s objective is to help you understand the Bible, its story, meaning, background, history, and its deep biblical and theological concepts. In the most basic sense, our goal is to bring you closer to God by helping you understand His words.

The Scripture Library’s mission is this: TO GLORIFY CHRIST AND TO SPREAD THE GOSPEL. Everything that we do is in-line with this mission. It is our desire that everyone who will read our articles and materials will be brought closer to Jesus and come to a salvific relationship with Him.

What is with the name, “Scripture Library?”

The name “Scripture Library” refers to the Bible itself. During the events of the Bible, the Bible was mostly referred to as the “Scriptures.” And because the Bible contains 66 different books, it is also technically considered as a library. Therefore, the Bible is a library of Scriptures. Hence, the Scripture Library.

What does the Scripture Library offer?

The Scripture Library offers a lot of Bible-study materials and articles that are meant to help you understand the Bible. The materials in this website are arranged in these categories:

  1. Articles – These are general and random articles about certain passages, themes, and concepts of the Bible.
  2. Bible Study Series – This is where we do the deductive study method of studying the Bible. In this section, we discuss the concepts of the Bible in a topical and serial manner.
  3. Study Bible – This is where we do the inductive study method of studying the Bible. In this section, we study the Bible book by book, line by line, verse by verse. In preaching, this is the counter-part of “expository preaching.”
  4. Theological Studies – This section is dedicated to studying the doctrines and the deep theological concepts of the Bible.
  5. Counseling & Devotionals – In this section, we look into the insights of the Bible about human life as well as its pains, struggles, and questions. Ultimately, we will look to how the Bible presents God as the key to a meaningful and fulfilling life.
  6. Free Resources – This is where you can download our free Bible study materials. These materials are designed for Bible study meetings, discipleship groups, and even for personal use.
  7. Blog & Editorial – In this section, the staff of the Scripture Library offers their personal opinions about controversial biblical concepts or current events in the Christian community.
  8. Online Bookstore – This is a link to where you can buy our books and other materials.

Meet the Staff


Chief Director

This ministry is all about our Head and Chief Director, JESUS CHRIST. We exist to exalt and glorify Him. The rest of us are His servants which is why He is the true Head of this ministry.

Jeff Dominguez

Research and Theological Director,

Writer and Artist

Jeff is currently the main writer and artist of the Scripture Library. Before coming to Christ, he worked as an editorial cartoonist and a children’s book author. Now, he devotes most of his time to this ministry. He is also very passionate and active in the ministry of discipleship. He is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies at Grace School of Theology in The Woodlands, Texas, USA (via online).

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